Friday, 10 June 2016

Ardnamurchan photo-dump part 2 - a day on Mull

On our third day, we took the ferry over to Tobermory where we met up with Phil (his fab blog here) and Carol, who by happy chance were on holiday on Mull for the week. They very kindly drove us about all day and showed us some great places and wonderful wildlife. Sadly I didn't make notes on what was where so this is going to be a bit (OK, very) sketchy details-wise.

First off, though, the wonderful sight of several Harbour Porpoises from the ferry.

We headed inland from Tobermory, pausing at a small lake to look for Hen Harriers but finding something much rarer (in a Mull context) - a Jay! Then it was on to a stunning sea-loch inlet at Dervaig.

Here we found waders including these Common Sandpipers, also Shelducks and plenty of Common Gulls.

One of said Common Gulls, looking very lovely in its fresh breeding plumage.

We drove a long way cross-country then, heading for... I'm not sure which sea-loch, but it was a spot for eagles and it was a long way off. On the way I spotted a Cuckoo on a fencepost right at the roadside and, happily, we were able to reverse back to it.

It wasn't too impressed by that but stayed put just long enough for a few photos. My best shots ever of a Cuckoo, and he was a gorgeous-looking bird indeed.

We arrived at the eagle spot and waited a while, scanning the skies. Then I wandered off to photograph Hooded Crows in the field behind the road.

Then the others called over to advise me that I was missing a Golden Eagle. This adult or nearly-adult glided overhead, looking lovely if a bit far up for nice shots.

We drove on a bit, and stopped further along for another scan, this time finding a superb adult White-tailed Eagle.

We called in at Phil and Carol's holiday cottage - an idyllic spot by a wooded river. Sadly the resident Dippers were hiding but this Grey Heron looked lovely in the sunshine.

The cottage is close to Loch Baa, and we went for a walk along the loch's shores, adding Red-breasted Merganser and Goosander along the way.

The loch also produced an odonate for us - this female Large Red Damselfly.

It was nearly time to head back for our ferry. We paused on the way at a Short-eared Owl spot but the owls were not playing ball. Then it was back to Tobermory for a bit of food shopping (the nearest supermarket to Kilchoan is here!) and we bade Phil and Carol a fond farewell and boarded the last boat back.

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