Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A quick gorilla update

I thought I'd better post a few photos from the Great Gorilla Run, to prove that I did actually do it! Thanks again to my sponsors :) All pics were taken on my phone, which is why they are rubbish.

Arriving at Minster Court.

Suit on. And aikido gear also on, on top of the suit. Already feeling pretty warm...

With the head on. Now really quite warm indeed. But don't I look stunning?

You have to accessorise your suit... but this individual went the extra mile :)

Lining up at the start.

Halfway round. These two were great fun, bopping random passers-by with their inflatable accessories.

And the sorry state of me after the finish. But see that medal? Bill Oddie put that there :) And gave me a hug.

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