Friday, 25 April 2014

A short but serious post about Malta

Long-term readers of this blog might remember that in April 2010 I went to Malta, to take part in BirdLife Malta's 'Springwatch' camp. The point of this is to observe, report on and hopefully discourage hunters who illegally shoot protected birds during the migration period - this is, sadly, a massive problem in Malta. It was one hell of an eyeopening and upsetting experience - here's my blog post about it.

At the moment, Chris Packham is in Malta and doing a nightly video diary about what he's observing. It makes for pretty grim watching. Please take a look, and share if you feel like it - his website is here. All the video diaries are there, plus tons of other info and links for various things you can do to help - eg sample letter for your MEP. Thanks.

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Penny Taylor said...

Hideous. I remember your post from a few years' back and have been watching Packham's twitter feed etched with mounting horror (sounds a bit Daily Mail, that....). Hope you're well xx