Wednesday, 19 June 2013

New book

Hi folks, just a quickie to let you know my new book Dragonflight (about my two-year mission to get to know the British Odonata) is out. Amazon link here. And here's a couple of photos, which have already appeared in my blog but I thought I'd better do something to liven up this post... From the top - Four-spotted Chaser, Common Clubtail, Banded Demoiselles, Variable Damselfly, Beautiful Demoiselle, Migrant Hawker.


Graham Canny said...

At last! I've been waiting eagerly for this for a while! Ordered and awaiting delivery. Now I can find out all about Variable Damsels.... :)

ShySongbird said...

Hi Marianne, I took advantage of the 'look inside' feature on the link, what a good idea that is! It would definitely have been on my wish list but having read extracts I was completely captivated and have ordered it....although from elsewhere as it was a little cheaper :-) I know I'm going to love it!

I missed commenting on your last post but was particularly taken with the striking photos of Avocets in flight.

Phil said...

Well done Marianne
I will be ordering my copy this evening. Something good to read on these cold Summer evenings:-)

Warren Baker said...

Reading the above comments marianne, I better go and look at your book! :-)

Marianne said...

Thank you very much, everyone :)

Jerry Hoare said...

I've just finished reading Dragonflight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! As a birder turned odonatist, there were lots of nostalgic "I've been there" and "I've done that" moments.
A particularly good memory for me was the part about the Rainham Southern Migrant Hawker, as I was the one who found and photographed it!
I heartily recommend the book.