Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Hastings seafront

I just got back from visiting my dad in Hastings. Having noted a good weather forecast for today, I'd brought my camera. Things were looking fairly bright by 8am so I headed out for an hour or two, to point my camera at the gulls and anything else that came along.

A nosy neighbour watched me go by. This blue Persian is one of a trio of very fancy cats that live opposite my dad. The other two are a gorgeous seal-point Siamese and a bizarre-looking Oriental red tabby, but sadly neither of those two were out today.

Some of the fishing boats that live on the beach between the harbour arm and Rockanore (when not out fishing). After this I switched to the big lens and took pictures of the Great Black-backed and Herring Gulls that hang out here. And a Turnstone.

Pity this last one is so noisy. My fault, I'd stopped down to f13 for something, and then forgot to switch back. Damn.

The last piccies I took were full-frame portraits of this very approachable Herring Gull, who was sitting on a 'no bathing' sign and offered me a look at his profile from both sides.


Alan Pavey said...

I love those last shots especially, looks like you had a good couple of hours with the camera :-)

Mike Attwood said...

Nice set of pics Marianne.