Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A couple more from Shoreham/Rodmell

This is really just a post to see what the new Blogger posting interface is like, but to make it interesting here are a couple of Rob's pics from our recent trip to Shoreham (that's the one by the sea, not the little village near Sevenoaks) and Rodmell near Lewes.

He was using his new 70-180mm macro, which is a really nice lens (and so it should be, it wasn't cheap (actually, it WAS cheap for a secondhand copy)). This Wall Lizard tolerated a pretty close approach.

And here's Rob's take on the female Common Darter we found on our short walk at Rodmell. This close-up shows very clearly the yellow stripes down the legs, which distinguish this species from the otherwise pretty similar Ruddy Darter.

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Mike Attwood said...

A couple of nice shots Marianne. I quite like the new interface once I had battled my way round it.