Monday, 4 October 2010

Blacktoft Sands

We did think about going to Flamborough Head in search of the Rustic Bunting, but overall dampness made us wimp out of that idea and instead go somewhere that promised hides. Embarrassingly, this was my first ever trip to this RSPB reserve on the south shore of the Humber, and we only stayed an hour (if that) because the rain was so bad (and only visited two hides). However, it's clearly a good place to go on a better day.

There was a feeding station by the car park, and a closer look at it revealed a Tree Sparrow. Then I noticed a big interpretation sign nearby about Tree Sparrows.

We went to the first hide, overlooking a lagoon, and found some Shovelers on what looked like deepish water. They were mostly males, shedding the last of their eclipse plumage.

The next hide overlooked a shallow lagoon, festooned with feeding waders. The distance (and hideous light) meant my photos weren't very good but here they are anyway.

A Dunlin. One of about 20, some with blacker tummies than others.

It's a horrible photo but it's the first Spotted Redshank I've seen this autumn. On its own, feeding in deeper water than the many Common Redshanks.

Another blog newbie, distant but very pretty Curlew Sandpiper. It was a tiny speck in the frame - thank goodness for the 300mm f4 and its super-sharpness.

There were maybe three or four Marsh Harriers cruising about beyond the lagoons, looking damp and miserable. I include this photo of one for completeness.

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Tony Morris said...

A great place - I saw a Red-necked Stint there 23/7/1986.