Thursday, 30 September 2010

An arty post

I've done a bit of painting and drawing lately, some of which will go in the new book (there's a chapter on sketching and artwork). Here's a sneak preview...

I did this Meadow Pipit gouache painting for a friend, and the original is in the post to her as I type.

Also done for a friend, a watercolour male House Sparrow. There might be a bit of gouache in there too actually.

A foray into mixed media - this Whinchat was done in line and wash, with a bit of coloured pencil for good measure.

A quick-and-dirty pastel painting of a Sika doe. Not sure I like this. Maybe it should have been less quick and more dirty.

Line drawing of a Four-spotted Chaser, in which I forced myself to do some proper cross-hatching for the shaded bits rather than just, well, scribbling.

Banded Demoiselle pencil sketch. Scanned this in as a 'colour picture' and the paper's come out pink, but I don't really mind.

Another quickie - Sparrowhawk in watercolour.

 Baby bunny in pastel.

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moo said...

Aww, bunny! The sparrow is my favourite, beautifully captured.