Friday, 7 May 2010

Spring in Sevenoaks

The sun's shining (occasionally), the insects are starting to appear and the spring migrants are here. Here's a few photos from our recent trips to SWR.

There's lots of nesting activity among the waterfowl. Today I saw quite a few goslings, and a parent Coot being squealed at by its ugly offspring. This one (Rob's photo from a week ago) is still waiting for hers.

No dragons or damsels yet, but today I found a couple of Stoneflies walking along a wooden handrail. Hope they don't get squashed by a careless hand. Stoneflies aren't the most quick-witted of insects.

Warblers all over the shop. I think I've sussed out the difference between Blackcap and Garden Warbler song, again (this is a tedious annual task). Of course, it helps when you actually get to see the critter in question. This was one of two male Blackcaps that were (briefly) photographable this morning.

And a Reed Warbler! This one was singing close to Willow hide, in a spot where I could actually sneak up on him and see him without being seen. He chuntered away from the same perch for ages. I had time to change lenses and get some pics (like this one) with the Bigmos.

Ah, springtime butterflies. I love the fact that this male Orange-tip (Rob's pic) is feeding from the larval foodplant, Cuckoo-flower (aka Lady's Smock, and a million other names). Also love the fact that he's showing off that fantastic mottled green underside hindwing. Niiiice.

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