Saturday, 17 April 2010

Malta - part 1 of probably lots

Firstly, apologies for lack of photos. There ARE photos to come but thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano our flight home is cancelled, so I thought I'd while away the time waiting for Air Malta to answer their helpdesk number by writing a wee blog post.

Our week in Malta is over (or is it?). We've had the most extraordinary time, despite things being really quiet on the bird migration front. Met some absolutely awesome people, heard some totally shocking stories and had some really quite alarming experiences. Rob has gone out with the teams again this morning while I'm waiting here to try to find out how/when/if we can get home.

The hunting and trapping problem here has not been exaggerated in the UK media. If anything it has been understated. Likewise the importance of the work of BirdLife Malta... More later.

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