Monday, 4 January 2010

Stuff I found under the bed

My hopes of a mild winter have come to naught, or maybe minus 1,000 - it's been freezing for weeks now and no birding has occured. However, last night I cleared out the junk under the bed (to make room for some new junk) and found some bits of artwork in my old portfolio folder thingy that were too large to go in the binder where most of my stuff is. So I have scanned it in (actually, Rob did it after I was beset with TWAIN woes, not-being-very-good-at-stitching woes and possible scanner-being-about-to-die woes), as I've yet to put any of my piccies up on this blog. So here's the first:

A Crested Lark, which reminds me of what's nice about using pastels (and tinted pastel paper).

More fun with pastels, Common Buzzard this time.

This Peregrine was done with pastel pencils, which are not quite as much fun as pastels but a bit more manageable. Not so keen on the finished look as with the proper pastel pics.

I think this is a mix of gouache and watercolour pencils. A bit odd. But hey. It's a Rough-legged Buzzard.

Golden Eagle in pencil. I cheated and digitally rubbed out the sludgy, smudgy grey background of the original to a nice clean white.

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